So here is a story of why this blog exists.


We are sisters,

there are three of us writing here,

Along, Ikah and Opie,

sharing bits of our lives,

sharing bits of our knowledge,

in hope of playing our part as Da’ie,

in hope of answering the call of our Prophet S.A.W;

“Ballighu ‘anni walau ayah”, Spread from me, even just a verse or sentence.

in hope that somewhere out there, we could at least

move a heart,

or touch a heart,

to better themselves and to be together in this journey

of finding happiness

in this temporary world, the after death and the future in the eternity (akhirat).

We wish to help each other,

And perchance, to help you,

to find Allah’s blessings in every move we make,

to always be thankful for every blessings given,

to always strive to better ourselves,

for happiness,

comes from a peaceful heart given by Allah.


From us sisters.

May Allah bless you, Amin.


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